Live Events Schedule

Live Events Schedule

*All events are free of charge.

15 June 2020

Zoë Marden, Mermainia: Tales of Tentacularity
Live Performance | 17:00 (UK Time)

Mermainia: Tales of Tentacularity (the tentacles of COVID Capitalism) a work in progress… is a live performance on multiple platforms layered with pre-recorded fragments. Zoë Marden’s intimate performances play with the voice, activating soundscapes of desire and vulnerability investigating the mythologies of witches and mermaids and their resonance within contemporary culture.

Anna Nazo, Undulation
Live Performance + Q&A | 18:00 (UK Time)

Undulation is a live digital-analogue AV performance viewable on multiple platforms. The work includes spoken word poetry co-written with artificial intelligence (AI), sound and imagery that are computer generated live (CGI) from artist’s brainwave data (EEG) and drone performance. Undulation reflects on themes of otherness, distributed forms of sensuousness and our relationship with the digital in an age of isolation.

16 June 2020

Soundcamp, @Effra Streams
15:00-16:00 (UK Time)

Live audio streams from the source and outfall of the River Effra, transmitted from a manhole cover on Hermitage Road, London SE19 and the Albert Embankment in SE1.

The two temporary audio streams will be presented on the real-time soundmap hosted by Locus Sonus and mixed in Chania, Crete, by Maria Papadomanolaki.

The Effra from source to outflow and its sounds will be the subject of/in a conversation by IRC Chat between Jane Trowell (Platform London), Rachel Dowse (Lost Effra Project) and an online audience.

The project will be accessible via the project page at so remember the liquid ground and at

16 June – 21 June 2020

Myriam Lefkowitz and Julie Laporte,  Remote Dances
Three slots every day | 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 (UK Time)
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Remote Dances is a direct experience with the artist Myriam Lefkowitz and her collaborator Julie Laporte. Through the use of mobile devices involving one spectator and one performer, questions of attention and perception emerge. Her performance involves sending and receiving a dance through space with no other medium than our desire to listen and to connect.