Myriam Lefkowitz

Remote Dances

Remote Dances is a direct experience with the artist Myriam Lefkowitz and her collaborator Julie Laporte. Through the use of mobile devices, involving one spectator and one performer, questions of attention and perception emerge. Myriam’s performance involves sending and receiving a dance through space with no other medium than our desire to listen and to connect.

portable acoustic locator from the 1930s (Waalsdorp Museum’s archive), © Lauren Tortil, Une généalogie des grandes oreilles, Tombolo Presses, Nevers, 2019

Since the beginning of the lockdown, Myriam and Julie have enacted a remote dance, exploring the impacts of physical distance on our bodies and how humans navigate and co-create new fiction across space. Over the past decade, Myriam has been interested in interdisciplinary modes of performances that blur the boundaries between the somatic, sensory and spatiotemporal intelligences. In Remote Dances, Myriam and Julie play with the notion of distance by inviting the participants to a virtual realm to co-create fictions.

Three slots every day (10:00, 11:00, 12:00, UK Time) between 16 – 21June 

To read more about Myriam practice in La Bibliotheque by Susan Gibb, browse our Reading Room here.

Myriam finds inspiration for her practice by listening to the composer Robert Ashley’s music. Here is an extract of ‘Private Parts’ 1978.