Anna Nazo

Live performance + Q&A  
18:00 15 June (UK Time)

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Undulation is a live digital-analogue AV performance viewable on multiple platforms. The work includes spoken word poetry co-written with artificial intelligence (AI), sound and imagery that are computer generated live (CGI) from artist’s brainwave data (EEG) and drone performance. Undulation reflects on themes of otherness, sensuousness and our relationship with the digital in an age of isolation. Through the notion of virtual flux, the work looks at how material and the sensuous shapeshift and become the flow of digital matter, which enables sensuous encounters of multi-reality and ecology of multiplicity of selves. 

The work contributes to a discourse around intelligence diversity and ethics of the technological. It looks at artificial forms of intelligence and liveness in relation to nonconscious cognition, quantum reality and the sensuous beyond the human. It proposes a radically different way of being in the world through symbiotic and sympoietic, to use a term coined by Donna Haraway, relationships with technology.